Economic Seasons

It’s Autumn, and we are heading into colder weather. It may appear that the economy is also getting colder. We are are not sure how the property market will fair during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I was at a business conference and we were talking about seasons in the economy. Right now, it’s probably not the best time to try and sell your property. However, it may turn out to be a good time to buy. We have a client who is looking to buy, we are waiting to see how the markets are performing and how they look to be coping. (See the last Blog: The Current Market). He might be able to get into a more prestigious position, depending on how things go.

If you are not looking to buy, its a good time to be making improvements on your existing property. Businesses are trying to make deals right now (I know we are, so call me :)) due to the slow down. Getting those odds and ends, bits and pieces you have been meaning to add for years. When adding to your existing improvements, its crucial to get these at the best price possible. Now is likely to be the best time ever.

Personally, our family is making some plans to improve our property with items that we have wanted to do. We will definitely be shopping around to see who can give us the best deals. We’ll be looking at adding car accommodation and a watering system to our gardens.

Hope you are all able to make some good deals during this time. Whether buying a new property or making some improvements.

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