The 2020 Migration

We haven’t posted many articles this year, it has been an extremely busy year. I couldn’t put it down to any one factor, we seem to have work coming from all quarters.

The markets in the north are staying very steady while discussions with valuers in the southern areas of Australia is very different. A gentlemen from Brisbane asked what I think the property market will do. I think we need to take notice of the potential migration that will happen once border restrictions are eased. We are being engaged by a lot of property buyers from the south as they look to buy.

Agents and Valuers alike are noticing a strong trend where the markets in the north are busy and the markets in the south are very quiet. There is another trend which may also continue to play out and that is an exodus of central city areas to more regional locations. A lot of people have now experienced the convenience of on-line meetings and remote working. A realization perhaps, that we don’t all need to live as close to each other as we think.

I have even heard reports of employees being more productive while working at home. With the saved 1 – 3 hour commute every day, some may experience longer, I could imagine the extra sleep time/personal time would help.

If you are wondering about the direction of the property market. I’d pay close attention to the movement of the population, it has been a great predictor in the past.

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